The Pearl Heart: About us and how to contact

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We are an online shop based out of Placerville, CA. Traveling is a favorite, so of course we pack up the shop and hit the road. You can find us at different equine related events, craft shows, or related womens shopping events.


There will always be more at our booths than we have online, so come see what else we have.

Whats with the name?????

The Pearl Heart name came about when flipping through an old book of legendary western outlaws. Pearl Hart, or known as the Lady Bandit of Arizona, was famous for committing one of the last known stagecoach robberies recorded. A classic outlaw cowgirl from the dessert, two of my favorite things.

Traveling the road brings my heart so much joy. I love going to new places, meeting new people, and trying new things. I have worked for different trade show companies for many years. I loved meeting all the vendors and hearing about their travels, where they were going next. Along with the vendors, I truly enjoy the customers coming out with their friends for a weekend shopping trip or people just out to see what was going on.

Western fashion is such a fun and unique clothing style. Some things change and others stay the same. It is so easy to combine some basic street style clothing with western attire. You can take it anywhere! The rodeo arena or the town, or even to work.

I am bringing it all together in one little shop. Our web page will let those shop from anywhere, anytime, or come visit us on the road!